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To constitute a legal marriage in Montana, both eligible spouses must confirm their marriage by sharing cohabitation and public repute. To cohabitate means to live together, and public repute is to make it clear to others that their marriage is official.

Searching for accurate and trustworthy public records online may seem challenging, but this resource provides the most up-to-date personal records data. Tracking down the information you need is important, so this article includes public records searches, in-person or mail-in requests, and other valuable resources for acquiring marriage records in Montana.

Are Marriage Records & Certificates Available to the Public in Montana?

Marriage records in the state of Montana are considered public records, which makes them available to the public. According to the Montana Public Records Act, residents can review public records at any level of government.

Marriage records are available through the county clerk’s office where the marriage license was filed. In order to receive a copy of a marriage certificate you must get in touch with the county clerk’s office where the certificate was issued, along with that you must know the names of the people involved with this marriage and the date the marriage took place.

Certified copies of marriage records are not available to the public, they are only available to the bride and groom.

It is best to know all the information on the records you are looking for to make use of this application efficiently.

However, with this information keep in mind that marriage records in Montana are sealed for 30 years from the public, only a notarized letter from the married couple along with copies of the photo ID of the bride and groom whose license you are requesting.

Requests are reviewed in the order in which the selected county clerks receive them, please allow up to 5 business days for your request form to be reviewed.

48.1% of households in Montana currently are married-couple households. 30.6% of the current population of Montana has never been married, both of these facts are according to the United States Census Bureau.

A screenshot displaying a map showing the Montana state and some details such as families and household characteristics percentages including married-couple, male householder and female householder from the United States Census of Bureau website.
Source: United States Census of Bureau1

More information on these statistics can be found through the Montana Census Bureau.1

A screenshot showing the marital status by sex with some information such as the population table, married not separated, widowed, divorced, never married and a map with the Montana state from the United States Census of Bureau website.
Source: United States Census of Bureau1

How To Access Montana Marriage Records

There are many platforms to help searchers obtain marriage records throughout the state.

It is only possible to get these records through the mail for those who are marriage license holders. In that case, interested parties would need to visit their county clerk’s office, and searchers can find information in their respective region by referring to this database of Montana courts and clerks.2

Some counties in Montana may require you to fill out an application for a search of marriage and divorce indexes. The cost of this application can vary depending on the number of records you are searching for.

The application costs $10 for the first five records searched, and then a dollar per search after that.

A helpful online resource in Montana for researching information about marriage records is the National Archives – specifically their Vital Records webpage. This site is government-endorsed and contains links to various resources you can use to obtain marriage record information.

The records this site contains are provided by local authorities of the state and county you are searching in. For this case, Montana authorities have provided all of the information you will find through this resource.

A second source for finding marriage records is the official state website. More specifically, it is helpful to search the Vital Records Form page.3

This page provides a list of various resources to consult when in search of marriage records. From physical copies of books written for this purpose to various links to online databases, this site is a helpful key to the records you search for.

Keep in mind that this resource also provides vital information online for no cost to you. If you need to apply for a marriage certificate, the Montana Marriage Application is available to the public online.4

A screenshot of a marriage application that requires some information such as state file number, marriage license number, county, date license issued, spouse name, residence, birth place, parents name and other details.
Source: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services4

Of course, once the appropriate forms are filled out and turned in to the state, searchers will receive a copy of their marriage certificate by mail.

In addition, couples may submit a Declaration of Marriage form in the State of Montana if their marriage was not made a part of the public record to then make it public.5 The cost for this is $53.

Conducting a Free Search of the County or City in Montana Where the Marriage Occurred

Searching for marriage records online can be done, but in Montana keep in mind residents have the right to privacy so you may be provided with only broad information online if you are looking for more specific information you would need to visit your county’s court office.

Finding marriage records by county is streamlined and can be done online through several website platforms. Take a look at the top 3 counties by population in Montana below, along with the best sites for records research in each.

The most populated county in Montana is Yellowstone County. Marriage record information can be found for this county online by conducting a search on the Yellowstone County Clerk & Recorder Document website.6

A screenshot of the Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder’s Office website document search with search criteria such as document number, recording date, both names or grantor and grantee search type, book, and page.
Source: Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder’s Office6

Documents may be purchased through this site in a few different ways. A yearly subscription costs $100 for unlimited access to searches and document downloads. Individual documents may be purchased for $2 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page.

Alternatively, individuals may visit or call the office using the contact details below:

Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder’s Office
316 North 26th, Rm. 3501, PO Box 35001
Billings, MT 59101

Phone: 406-256-2787

The second most populated county in Montana is Gallatin County. Current marriage information for this county can be found online at the Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s Office or through the Gallatin County Website.7

A screenshot of the document search with search criteria such as both names or grantor and grantee search type, book, and page and document number, recording date from the Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder's Office website.
Source: Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s Office7

The Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s Office offers marriage database searches at no cost. Individual document images may be purchased online for $2 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page. Full access to all document image downloads is available by subscription at a cost of $200 per year.

Researchers may also visit the office or call for more information:

Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s Office
311 West Main, Room 203
Bozeman, MT 58715

Phone: 406-582-3050

Marriage records may also be found through the Gallatin County Clerk of District Court’s Office by searching Family History Records. Written requests may be submitted to this address:

Gallatin County Clerk of District Court
615 S. 16th Avenue., Rm. 302
Bozeman, Montana 59715

The Records Clerk’s phone number is 406-582-2157 and the office can also be reached by email at [email protected].

There is no search fee if the exact year of marriage is known. However, fees do apply if it is unknown at a rate of $2 per name per year for the first seven years and $1 for each additional year. It costs $5 to obtain a copy of a marriage license and certified copies are $7. Email fees are charged at a rate of $0.25 per page.

Individuals must provide the following information for a search:

  • Full name of the individuals, including maiden names or names used at the time of the marriage.
  • The exact date of the marriage.
  • The type of search needed (marriage).
  • The type of document requested (standard copy or certified copy).
  • Payment information covering the cost of the search and the document, if located.

Lastly, Missoula County is the third most populated county in Montana. Information is available through the Clerk of District Court in Missoula County.8

According to the Missoula County website, marriage licenses are sealed for up to 30 years and can only be accessed by the couple who filed unless the couple provides written authorization. Requests may be submitted by email, fax or through the mail. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and send the request to:

Missoula County Clerk of District Court
200 West Broadway
Missoula, Montana 59802

Fax: 406-258-4899
Email: [email protected]

All requests must be accompanied by a photo ID of the person making the request. Searches cost $2 per name per year for the first seven years and $1 per name per year for each additional year. Copies of marriage licenses cost $5 and there is an added charge of $2 per document for certified, sealed marriage licenses.

Keep in mind as you search, the residents of Montana have a right to privacy, but certain information can be accessed when applicable.

Tracking Family Marriage Records Through Archived Indexes in Montana

Montana marriage records can be found through certain indexes and archives. Records found through indexes or archives are usually much older records and are used while researching ancestry.

The National Archives does a wonderful job providing you with one large database that can be used to find older marriage records.9

Is Montana a Common Law Marriage State?

In the state of Montana, common marriage is allowed at the age of 16. You must follow these legal requirements to obtain a common-law marriage in Montana:10

  • Both spouses must be competent to marry
  • Both spouses must agree on their marriage
  • Both spouses must confirm their marriage by cohabitation and public repute

Montana marriage records include common law marriages. If you wish to end a common marriage you will have to go through the formal divorce process. Any assets will be divided amongst the spouses and it will be determined whether one or the other spouse qualifies for alimony.

Any children born during a common law marriage are considered to be “children of the marriage” if you have a valid common law marriage, establishing paternity and child custody should not need to be done through court.

To validate your common-law marriage, you can fill out the Affidavit of Common-Law Marriage.11

Some states do not recognize common law marriages, so if you plan to move from Montana make sure you study their marriage laws and plan accordingly.

How To Look Up Common Law Marriages in Montana

Common Law marriage records within the state can be found at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services website.12

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services’ contact information is as follows:13

Office of Vital Records
Department of Public Health and Human Services
111 N. Sanders, Room 6, PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604

Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 406-444-2685

For any questions on how to obtain information on common-law marriages in Montana, please contact the phone number or email above.

How To Request a Marriage License in Montana

When looking to obtain a marriage license in Montana, the process is pretty streamlined.

First, the applicant must go online to fill out the required online marriage application.14 If you cannot access a computer at home, public computers are provided at your local county clerk’s office.

A screenshot of an online marriage license application form that requires to fill in some information such as first, middle, maiden and last name and country from the Missoula County Clerk of Court website.
Source: Missoula County Clerk of Court14

Proof of age is required for both applicants and can only be verified from documents such as a driver’s license or passport. Failure to prove you are over 18 will result in a rejected application.

Once your online application is submitted, it is time to visit your county clerk’s office to obtain your marriage license. Please keep in mind that both parties must be present to obtain their official license.

The cost of obtaining a marriage license in Montana is $53. This amount can be paid by using cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

If you plan to pay with a debit or credit card, keep in mind there will be a 1.995% and $1.25 processing fee added to your initial total. This means your license will not be $53 if you pay by card.

If you are under the age of 18 seeking to get married, there are some special requirements to keep in mind before solidifying your decision.

Also, keep in mind you must be at least 16 years of age to get married as a minor in Montana. Along with the minimum age requirement of 16, these are also necessary before getting married as a minor:

  • Parental consent: Parents of the minor must fill out the Consent for Minor form to proceed.15
  • Counseling: Minors must undergo two counseling sessions with a court-approved counselor who is approved by the court. These sessions must be at least 10 days apart.
  • Judicial Approval: The marriage application must be approved and signed by a District Court Judge. This judge also has the right to require a meeting with the applicant along with their parent or guardian.

For those who have questions about the marriage of minors in Montana, feel free to check out the requirements for a marriage license for minors for more helpful information.

While filling out a marriage application there is specific info that needs to be provided. That information is as follows:

  • Date of birth for both applicants
  • City, county, state, or foreign country for both applicants
  • Biological father’s first, middle, and last names of both applicants
  • Biological father’s current city and state of residence
  • Biological father’s state/foreign country of birth
  • Mother’s first, middle, and maiden last name
  • Mother’s current city and state of residence
  • Mother’s state/foreign country of birth
  • If either party has been previously married, the dates of previous divorce and or dissolution are required; documents of spousal death are also required if applicable along with the county/state of occurrence

Please note that marriage licenses in Montana are valid for up to 180 days. Your license can be obtained in any county in Montana, but you must file the license in the state of Montana.

Along with marriages that are allowed in Montana, some marriages are under no circumstances permitted. These non-permitted marriages are as follows:

  • A marriage entered into before the dissolution of an earlier marriage by one of the parties
  • A marriage between an ancestor and descendant, or a marriage between biological brother and sister, whether the relationship is established by half or whole blood, or first cousins
  • A marriage between niece and uncle or nephew and aunt, whether they are related by half or whole blood does not matter
  • A marriage between persons of the same sex
  • A contractual relationship entered into to achieve a relationship that is otherwise prohibited under sub-section 1 is void as it goes against policy

If there are any further questions or comments regarding the rules and regulations about Montana marriage records, please visit the Montana Code Annotated website to get additional information.16


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